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Episode Summary

We explore the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to articling across Canada, with guests Preston Parsons and Charlene Scheffelmair.

Episode Notes

We explore the good, the bad and the ugly – or at least the ugly tears – when it comes to articling across Canada. Articling is a rewarding and fulfilling learning opportunity, which provides mentorship and guidance into the profession – at its best. But at its worse – it can subject vulnerable young students to harassment and discrimination.

Today's guests are Preston Parsons and Charlene Scheffelmair.

Returning for a second epsiode Preston is CBABC Elected Vancouver Country Representative, past chair of the CBABC National Young Lawyers Executive and Vice president of start proud Vancouver region.

Charlene Scheffelmair is the chair of the law students section of the CBA, articling student at Davidson & Williams in Lethbridge and Thompson Rivers University graduate.

Read the letter CBA sent to the Federation of Law Societies of Canada.

**Since the recording of this episode, the Law Society of Alberta released the results of two surveys they conducted in May and June 2019 in conjunction with the law societies of Saskatchewan and Manitoba to better understand the current state of the articling system across the three provinces. Among the findings, it reported that 32 per cent of respondents said they had experienced discrimination or harassment during recruitment and/or articling. To find out more about the results of the survey, please visit

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