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Business Development for Small and Solo Firms

Episode Summary

We talked to Simplex Legal founder Martine Boucher about how to engage in efficient and effective business development to grow your small or solo firm.

Episode Notes

You're growing your small or solo firm, but does that mean attending every networking event? How do you fill your rolodex without emptying your energy reserves? When you're building a small or solo practice, there are so many competing priorities. In this episode, we chat with Martine Boucher of Simplex Legal to discern how to make the most of opportunities, without wasting your precious time. What does effective networking look like anyway?

To learn more about how to grow your professional network and business development, consult the guide How to Innovate: Futures for Small and Solo Law firms

Nous avons également parler à Martine dans notre balado en français Juriste branché.

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