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Let's Talk About MAiD & End of Life with Dr. Vanessa Cardy MD & Shelley Birenbaum

Episode Summary

With Dr. Vanessa Cardy MD & Shelley Birenbaum, CBA EOLWG. Hosted by Julia Tétrault-Provencher. Update from the CBA End of Life Working Group on the on-going work of finalizing Canada's MAiD legislation, and insight into the application of said legislation from a practicing physician's point of view.

Episode Notes

In this episode of the Every Lawyer, Julia takes a look at the current state of Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying legislation as well as its practical application with Dr. Vanessa Cardy, who is a family doctor and palliative care physician working in northern Quebec, and Shelley Birenbaum from the CBA's End Of Life Working Group. 

Also includes a basic synopsis of the criteria and safeguards set out in Canada's MAiD legislation and a firsthand account of the procedure.


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